Wednesday, 28 March 2012



Not long till I go to Germany!  I've got German class this evening but we are doing inseperable verbs at the moment and I am not very good at it.  I've been loving the weather in England, it has been so hot here in the North West.  I've been volunteering in a local art gallery on Saturdays, wandering around garden centres & eating lots of icecream (current fave two scoops: blackcurrant cheesecake flavour with eton mess flavour).  I can't wait to go away on Saturday morning.


The only piece of jewellery I wear everyday, it's a chrysanthemum.  Best Christmas present ever - off my boyfriend.   

Lazy sleepy pigs that have spent the day in the sun eating fresh grass.

Healthy(ish) breakfasts of greek yoghurt, berries, grated apple and museli. 

Healthy(ish) tea times... I've been eating pitta with avocado and salad every day. 

You can't drink anything else when it's hot...

Blossom near the art gallery where I volunteer.

I can finally wear my sunglasses again!  They don't suit me at all but I love them anyways. 

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