Monday, 16 May 2011

I'm another year older now! (and wiser...?!)
Yum icecream sundaes.  I still haven't made hot cross buns, or read any good books or done much exciting.  I am drowning in essays - by this I mean I have lots of work to do but I just sit looking at BBC Iplayer.  I am going to London on Wednesday though so will update soon about that - archives during the day but a show and another veggie restaurant at night!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

London part 2

Super super busy at the moment. I had a day off from work last week to work as a poll clerk for the elections (16 hours!) and it has left me sleepy ever since.  Aside from that I have 13,000 words to write by the end of June whilst at the same time I am supposed to be constantly thinking about my DISSERTATION OF DOOM (another 15,000 words for September).

I'm going to London again for the day on the 20th to go to more archives.  I have been trying to set this one up for months as they are at a private house but all is set now so I am very excited.  Also very excited about The Apprentice starting on Tuesday!  That's about it for now it's work, work, work. 

I never did do a 'London part 2' & I can't remember much about the rest of my trip.  I got to go to the Cult of Beauty Exhibit though and it was really, really good.  

Aside from that my brother, cousin and I went to Nopi's (Ottolenghi's new venture).  I've got Ottolenghi's book (although have only made the tart so far), and got even more obsessed when he was on Masterchef so it was amazing to finally get to go and I would definitely recommend it (much much better than Matilda's the night before).  I would happily go again...

Although next time I visit London I really want to persuade someone to go to Ms Marmite Lover's underground restaurant in her house and garden. The food looks delicious but more than that I want to nosey around her house.  You can book the summerhouse!

Any ways Nopi's was amazing.  It cost us about £35 each and we shared six main dishes, three deserts, non alcoholic drinks and green teas so pretty good really.  I didn't get great pictures but there are some below of a few items we got:
Free bread...

Left to right: 1.) confit artichoke, farro, broad beans, goat cheese 2.) chargrilled asparagus, romesco, apple balsamic 3.) burrata, blood orange & coriander seeds.

Left to right: 1.) pineapple galette, pandan, coconut icecream 2.) chocolate, peanut brittle, mace, creme fraiche 3.) vanilla ricotta, blackcurrants, rhubarb.

Yum! Go it's amazing and a vegetarian's dream :)