Monday, 9 July 2012


Hello neglected blog.  I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, or talked about my trip to Germany in April.  But time seems to have fast forwarded recently.  Life is good though.  I have taken a few days off work this week to try get a little more organised with the towers of paperwork and mountains of clothes that need Ebaying in my room.  But I seem to have spent my whole day making involved meals, a la dippy egg breakfast with my new Eric Carle set off my boyfriend, and wandering around the country side:


Horse! Cow!

I am enjoying the pace of summer, I spent most of Saturday grating carrots and toasting almonds for tasty summer food:

I also have lots to look forward to over the next few months, hurrah: a trip to Devon, a long weekend in London for the Olympics (hand ball and volleyball) and then at the end of August spending two weeks with friends flying to Paris and then hiring a car and floating our way along the Atlantic coast to Bordeaux (wine tasting), down to the Spanish border for surfing and sunning, and then along the South of France to Cannes.  We are camping and I.can.not.wait...

ALSO in October I will be moving to LONDON.  I can not wait for all of the food/museums/exploring.  The reason for my London move is that I will be doing a History PhD.  But more about that when it sinks in a little bit because right now I can't believe I am going to be allowed to spend the next three years doing something so wonderful!