Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Nail nibbling

Sad it might sound, but I am on a real kick at the moment to stop nail biting.  Or more specifically chewing my nails and skin (sounds so gross when you write it down).  This picture is of my efforts so far - two weeks and no biting!  I REALLY think I am managing to kick the habit because of this nifty little pot of AMAZING that I was given recently: 

I am ADDICTED.  I take this everywhere.

If I keep going I am going to treat myself to pretty spring polishes, such as the newly released Chanel Spring 2012 collection below:
I think I will treat myself to the pink one called 'May' which is also my birthday month.
I know this is all a bit silly, but anything to stop the biting! 


  1. Oh, this sounds good! A friend of mine also struggles with nail biting, maybe I should suggest the lemon flutter to her? :) Do you know how much it cost?

    I'd love to have the middle one of those three, but I have never bought a Chanel nail polish before and I honestly feel that I don't want to spend my money on those if I can buy cheaper ones in the same colour :) But it's a good motivation, I guess?

    (P.S.: Thanks for your sweet comment again! Have you ever been to Vienna?)

  2. Umm I got it as a present but I think it would cost about 5 to 10 euros... but it will last for SO long... I have been using it for a good few weeks and you can't even tell I have used it really.

    I LOVE Vienna... My boyfriend's sister lived there for a year and we went to stay with her last summer when we were travelling around Europe. We had SO much nice food to eat... we went for this AMAZING noodle meal... I can't remember the name of the place I will have to ask her and see if you know of it! Have you ever been to England? :) xx