Monday, 28 March 2011


It’s been a while since I last posted but since then I have finished the last two presentations that I have to do for my MA!  I just have 32,000 words left to write (by September...) 

I had a really lazy weekend this weekend and didn't do much (apart from eat Mr Whippys) but I did get to see Never Let Me Go at the cinema.  I almost wish I hadn't got to see it now as it was so incredibly depressing, although Carey Mulligan was fantastic, and I would recommend it.  It was just so sad.  I have got it to read on my Kindle but might choose something else from my Goodreads to read first.  I actually really, really want to read The Master and Margarita which I hadn't heard about before reading about it on Kris Atomic's blog - the cat drinks vodka out of a glass!

I promise to post properly soon but for now look – my tomato plant has sprouted!  I want to do strawberries next.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Pre-Raphaelite Beetle Dress

I've just found out about a Pre-Raphaelite style dress that has recently been restored from the Pre-Raphaelite Paintings Blog and I can't stop looking at it!  The dress was made from 1,000 beetles wings and was worn by Ellen Terry when she played Lady Macbeth at London's Lyceum Theatre in 1888 (I looked at her slightly for my last essay for my MA).  Although there is an element of cruelty in the making of this dress I cannot deny that the overall effect is fascinating and eyecatching...

(Pictures originally from the Daily Mail).

I am currently planning a trip to London at Easter because I need to do lots of archival research for my MA: namely at the National Portrait Gallery, the V&A and the Women's Library but I have also just added the new exhibit at the V&A to my list: The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 I can't wait! I also have the new Pre-Raphaelite exhibition in Birmingham to go to at some point:  The Poetry of Drawing:Pre-Raphaelite Designs, Studies & Watercolours

Aside from that I have mostly been preparing for Presentations & working my admin job.  Fun times!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

It’s pay day today!

I was going to do my first blog post as an introduction but the ‘About me’ to the right says everything I want to say about me really. I will probably do a proper introduction at a later date.

But for my first post I thought I would put up some things that I am getting very, very tempted by now that I have been paid this month... (as this blog continues it may become apparent that I am obsessed with stationary).

All of the above are from the Victoria and Albert Museum Shop which I am getting increasingly obsessed with...

I have already treated myself to my new yearly red Moleskin so far this week though (only three months into the year not too bad!  As a plus I did get it for half price).

I had an amazing weekend this weekend and my friend Hannah and I have decided to start meeting up to bake (so far we have made heart shaped white chocolate and raspberry cookies and strawberry cheesecake).  I have got my Canon back from home now so will make sure to photograph the next baking event!