Tuesday, 15 March 2011

It’s pay day today!

I was going to do my first blog post as an introduction but the ‘About me’ to the right says everything I want to say about me really. I will probably do a proper introduction at a later date.

But for my first post I thought I would put up some things that I am getting very, very tempted by now that I have been paid this month... (as this blog continues it may become apparent that I am obsessed with stationary).

All of the above are from the Victoria and Albert Museum Shop which I am getting increasingly obsessed with...

I have already treated myself to my new yearly red Moleskin so far this week though (only three months into the year not too bad!  As a plus I did get it for half price).

I had an amazing weekend this weekend and my friend Hannah and I have decided to start meeting up to bake (so far we have made heart shaped white chocolate and raspberry cookies and strawberry cheesecake).  I have got my Canon back from home now so will make sure to photograph the next baking event! 

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  1. so excited that you're blogging now!!

    yes yes yes i'd love to see your baking escapades! x