Monday, 7 November 2011


Hello!  I have now finished my M.A. and have returned to the world of full time work.  I really miss my M.A. so have begun volunteering at National Trust Properties and local archives (but more about that in another post!) I miss the rummaging around in archives, and finding out secrets from the past.  I think I will have to try fill this in my weekends and evenings with book reading and museum/gallery visits.

My visit to Salcombe in Devon was amazing, but went so fast!  We stayed in a house on the sea front called Pitchford House (how nice is the kitchen!)

I loved that house.... we are going again next September!  There were stone steps onto a huge balcony that over looked the bay where we could drink coffee and eat Tom's birthday cake and watch boats go past.  I don't know if it was so idyllic because the weather was so so hot (hot weather in England in October!) but I can't wait to go back. 



Since finishing my M.A it is a little weird getting used to the fact that my evenings and weekends are mine again.  I am slowly realising that I can do whatever I want in this time.  There’s so much I want to do but I think I will split it over different posts (I want to go away at the weekend more, read more, watch more films, cook more!)  Firstly I want to start going to the cinema again more to see really great films.  Recently I have seen:


(I only managed to watch about thirty minutes of Snow Town.  It was too violent/sadistic for me... I'm not saying it isn't a good film I just couldn't keep watching it). 

In the next two weeks I should be seeing:

I can't wait! 


  1. Oh wow wow Devon looks beautiful!!!

    What is the Black Power Mixtape? I really want to see Sleeping Beauty but i can't find it listed in my local indie cinema :((( Also, must see Project Nim ASAP

  2. Devon just looks to gorgeous! Like the French Riveria! :)

    Drive is a great film, isn't it? I'm in love with the delicious Mr. Gosling! I saw Midnight in Paris in New York when I was there, it was such a cute and quirky film. Still very Woody Allen-esque but some more laughs than usual!