Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kendal Calling

Hello August!

I have just got back, well two days ago, from Kendal Calling.  We got to see Blonde... which made me very happy.  Tom lifted me up to see her and it was amaaazing!

Aside from that I have been on a camping trip and eating Bakewell tarts from Bakewell itself, procrastinating, saying goodbye to people, and thinking about getting some volunteering sorted for September for when I finish my MA and will be sad.  Aside from this I want to learn to drive, to cook, and to take more (and one day maybe even good) pictures.

On that note here are some pictures of Kendal Calling Festival (29th July-1st August 2011).

Tasty gingerbread snacks

We dressed up as zebras, a lion, and a man with extra seeing eyes...

Hello :)

KC has lots and lots of tasty vegetarian food and isn't ridiculously expensive.

Shisha and jenga

Fire poi
Right off I go. 


  1. Love the stripey quartet... there's something quite mesmerising about them! It's hard to decribe just how different real Bakewell Tarts (actually puddings) are to the miserable little efforts made by Mr Kipl**ng isn't it? Mmmmmm...

  2. Good to hear that KC had good-not expensive food, the food at the festivals in Spain is awful and when you pay you feel like an idiot.x

  3. I love the zebra outfits. Now I'm craving noodles and Bskewell tarts!