Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hello! I am now back.  I have completely finished my M.A. in Historical Research and should be getting my results in the next two months.  It all got really stressful towards the end... my dissertation was 25,000 words and I was also working 30 hours a week at my job.  I ended up getting 5am trains down to London to do last bits of research, and frantically writing every second of the day.  I hope I do okay.  I have also left my room at the university, my 'study corner' behind! 

The rooms on campus are all exactly the same, so I basically stuck postcards on everything.

But now I am finished and can start blogging again.  I will be working full time in my job at the university but aside from that I am looking forward to doing lots of fun things including being generally more healthy.  I have arranged to start volunteering at three places: two are National Trust houses, and the third is a county archive.  All three are history related and will involve me doing a variety of fun things to do with curating, archiving, and being generally nosy.  But more on those soon!  

For breakfast this morning I made myself porridge with chopped bananas, syrup and lots of cinnamon and have been lazing around reading my Kindle.  I love having no essays to write! 
I am also off to Salcombe in Devon next weekend so will post lots of pictures then.